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“For years I longed for someone to call anytime to fix my computer problems. I found such a man in Currie Carter – Mr. Wizzard – in a most unlikely way – by responding to a door hanger on my front door knob put there months before I needed help. Little did I realize then what a great connection it would be. Currie diagnosed my problem quickly and recommended a replacement computer. With my encouragement he took over the entire task of acquiring a new computer, transferring the contents of the “old” to the “new”, and assuring the new computer was operating properly. He kept me abreast of the computer delivery and the time he would need to complete the transfer of data. On delivery to me the device was performing perfectly. It was great to have been provided a “turn key job.” For doing all of this I thought his costs were typical for the quality of work he provided, and fairly well tracked his estimate. Currie has a wry wit that makes working together easy – and fun. Subsequently, I discovered his wife Sandra was quite knowledgeable about Quicken. This was of great use as the Quicken program I was using was clearly broken. Sandra helped me install a new Quicken, assisted with the data transfer, and had me up and running again promptly. I would recommend Mr. Wizzard (the team of Currie and Sandra) without hesitation.”