who we are

My name is Currie Carter and I’m Mr. Wizzard. I began working with computers in 1989 but, since the new millennium, computers have become my full time job. I hold a Master’s Degree in Information Systems, am a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, and a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

I grew up in Norfolk, attended Randolph Macon College, and graduated from Virginia Tech in 1971, Theological Seminary in 1980, and VCU in 2004. I moved to Richmond in 1982 and, unlike some invaders, have never left. I’m not as old as Methuselah, but where I’ve still got hair on my head, it’s gray and I’m proud of each and every one.

In 2000, I started Mr. Wizzard Computer Services which has provided me a wonderful opportunity to bring sanity to other people as they struggle to make their unwanted step-children (their computers) do what they want them to do.

There’s also a Mrs. Wizzard — Sandra Carter, my wife. She began working with computers in 1982 and has never stopped.

Sandra is a native of Covington, VA and graduated from Sullins College. She was the co-owner of a travel agency outside of Atlanta that she built from the ground up and managed for twelve years. She was an active member of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce. After moving to Richmond, Sandra returned to school and graduated from Mary Baldwin College with a B.A. in Business.

Sandra Carter aka Mrs. Wizzard
Microsoft Certified Trainer, Systems Engineer
Mr. Wizzard Dog Mascot