what we do

We solve computer problems fast, reliably, and at reasonable costs. We make using your computer a delight! Tell us what you need and let us help you.

  • 1. computer repairs

    • Is your computer running slow?

      We can speed it up.
    • Is your computer infected with a virus, spyware or malware?

      We can remove them.
    • Do you have an Internet connectivity problem?

      We can solve that for you.
    • Is your printer not working properly?

      We can fix that, too.
    • Other computer problem(s)?

      We’re here to help. We repair any and all hardware and software problems on all makes and models of Windows-based computers.
  • 2. software installation

    • Worried about some software you want to install or have installed?

      We can install it for you.
    • Did the installation just go wrong?

      We install, update, configure, optimize, or repair any software that you need.
      In short, we make your computer run right and as efficiently as possible.
  • 3. consulting

    • Need to know whether to repair or replace your computer?

    • Wondering how much to spend for a new computer?

    • Wondering what stuff you need in a computer?

    • Wondering about a megabyte or about gigahertz?

      We can provide answers to your questions.
  • 4. instruction

    • Ever get “tied in knots” trying to figure out how to use the software on your computer?

      We can teach you how to use it easily, thus reducing your blood pressure and increasing the follicle count on your head
  • 5. moving

    • Are you moving?

    • Wondering how to unplug and pack up all your computer gear?

    • Wondering how you’ll get it all set up again?

      We’ll come unplug, pack, and store your computer until you’ve moved and are ready to have us unpack, and reinstall your computer.
  • Is there anything we don’t do?

    • Yep, but just one thing. We don’t work on Apple Products. (If you’ve taken a bite out of an Apple and/or Apple has taken a bite out of you, you’ll need to call the Apple store in Short Pump or one of Apple’s Independent Distributors in Richmond.)
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