what others are saying

“A dog is a man’s best friend and Currie, a.k.a Mr. Wizzard, is a computer user’s best friend. He has maintained my computer for the past five years and done an outstanding job. I recently decided to purchase a new computer. His expertise and knowledge was invaluable in the selection process. Mr. Wizzard set up my new computer, transferred my information from the old machine to the new one, and arranged my pictures and music so that I could easily find them. He also told me how I could easily perform routine maintenance on my computer to keep it in tip-top shape. I recommend Currie to all of my friends and family. He provides a great service.”

— olio

“Currie, Maureen and I would like to thank you again for your attention to our problem today. We know that you are backlogged and appreciate you making us a priority. Your service enabled us to handle today’s email business. I think that anyone who runs a small business must establish critical lifelines in order to keep the business right. We have a few lifelines, and you are one of them. Best regards.”

— john and maureen

“I don’t know of anyone in business who is more thoughtful than you. I am always happy to recommend those who run reliable businesses and you are certainly one of those. In this day & age it is a rare treat.”

— margaret

“Thank you for your kind service this past week in helping me with my PC. I appreciate your being willing to assist me on such short notice (less than one hour after I called!), especially during the holidays and your anniversary plans. I was particularly struck by your kindness, expertise, efficiency, and sound advice. So many people in business these days are unscrupulous and think nothing of taking advantage of the ‘PC-illiterate’. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends who may have need of your services.”

— mark

“Just wanted to send you this note to say thank you for getting this PC up and running again — very impressed with your skill and level of professionalism. Again thanks for everything and now I can say from first hand experience how pleasant it is to work with you.”

— phil

“My PC is running great. Whatever it was that you did brought my computer back to life. I will certainly recommend you if I run into anyone needing a solution to their computer problems. I have just started a new novel, and was searching for a name for one of the characters. I have decided to call him Dr. Carter Goodfellow.”

— keith

“I am not a computer geek — only a retired lawyer. Currie Carter t/a Mr. Wizzard is my computer geek who has successfully guided me through hardware changes, software foul ups, and everything else that can happen. I do not have to understand what has happened or why it happened, unless it is my fault, and Currie gives me all the information that I need and can assimilate. He’s my guy.”

— cd3

“Mr. Wizzard, Currie Carter, has earned his graduate degree in computer tech from VCU and is Microsoft certified. He does excellent work both in repairing, setting up and bullet-proofing PC’s. I have recommended him to several friends and their feedback has been the same. His prices are competitive and his work is above par. As with everything else, you get what you pay for. Timely work and very courteous service round out his services.”

— amadaeus

“Mr. Wizzard (Currie) has taken care of my computers for the last 10 years. He has guided me through crashes, upgrades, virus and malware clean-ups, and the purchase of two laptops. I have called him for advice and general information and have had friends call him. He has performed computer maintenance/repairs both at my home and his place of business. In all my dealings with him, I have found him to be professional (though with a quick wit and keen sense of humor), competent, and fair. I believe his prices to be average for the area. Computer repairs aren’t cheap, but, as with car repairs, you want good work done when you need it and done right the first time. I will continue to use him and will continue to recommend him to others who want quality work, a quick turnaround, and the security of having you own “computer guy” who’s there when you need him.”

— harper

“For years I longed for someone to call anytime to fix my computer problems. I found such a man in Currie Carter – Mr. Wizzard – in a most unlikely way – by responding to a door hanger on my front door knob put there months before I needed help. Little did I realize then what a great connection it would be. Currie diagnosed my problem quickly and recommended a replacement computer. With my encouragement he took over the entire task of acquiring a new computer, transferring the contents of the “old” to the “new”, and assuring the new computer was operating properly. He kept me abreast of the computer delivery and the time he would need to complete the transfer of data. On delivery to me the device was performing perfectly. It was great to have been provided a “turn key job.” For doing all of this I thought his costs were typical for the quality of work he provided, and fairly well tracked his estimate. Currie has a wry wit that makes working together easy – and fun. Subsequently, I discovered his wife Sandra was quite knowledgeable about Quicken. This was of great use as the Quicken program I was using was clearly broken. Sandra helped me install a new Quicken, assisted with the data transfer, and had me up and running again promptly. I would recommend Mr. Wizzard (the team of Currie and Sandra) without hesitation.”

— sonny

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